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Unfriendly Skies

by on June 8, 2011

Video outcry prompts Delta to repay GIs hit with $200 bag fees.

Delta recently received a little egg on its face when a US soldier returning from Afghanistan posted a video on YouTube about being charged $200 for his extra bag.  The video has apparently been since removed.

His entire unit ended up shelling out $2,800 in out of pocket expenses for their extra bags.  According to reports the soldier’s fourth bag contained his M-4, a grenade launcher, and a pistol.  The tools he was issued to fight and defend himself with.

Delta should be letting these soldiers bring anything they need back and forth from the warzones, free of charge.  They’re not checking golf clubs or snowboards.  They’re checking what they’ll need to survive under fire in parts unknown.

How big a pair of balls do you have to have to tell a platoon of war hardened GIs that they have to pay for that last bag?

Oh, and no liquids either…


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