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Good people parking only.

by on March 2, 2011

Can’t find a parking spot? Get a hybrid … or a baby. –

This article from the St. Paul Pioneer Press explains how some organizations, including public libraries, are designating prime parking spots for fuel efficient and hybrid cars only.

Now, I get having designated spaces for handicapped people.  However, I will say some lots  have too many and that some people shouldn’t really qualify for the privilege in my book, but that’s another rant.

Special parking for pregnant women or families with small children?  Seems to me most places with these spots are places that cater to children anyway and wouldn’t do much good because so many people qualify.

But, really?  Hybrid and fuel efficient parking only?  I’m all for the green revolution or whatever you want to call it.  I think breaking away from foreign oil is an important national security issue and an economical must if oil prices continue to go up.  But, if we’re going to start offering special parking to those that we deem helping the greater good, why not offer parking spots to those who vote.  Or those who volunteer.  Or civil servants.  Or organ donors.

Giving the disabled parking spots that are closer to the building makes sense.  They have a physical limitation that prevents them from traveling across the parking lot easily and/or might need a bigger space to use a ramp.

Giving people a special space as reward for buying a certain type of car is asinine at best.  Even in the name of the environment.  You could almost call it elitism.  People with hybrid cars are better for the environment, so they get the better spots.

A lady from one of the local transit authorities that has these fuel efficient only spots is quoted as saying that carpools and park and rides were created to be environmentally friendly.  I disagree.  Good for the environment is a happy coincidence.  Carpools and park and rides were created to save time and money on peoples commute.  Share the fuel burden with others while taking extra cars off the road and creating less traffic.  Less pollution is a nice result, but probably not the dominant reason for the public’s participation.

Now everybody, go out and buy a fuel efficient car or hybrid car, but don’t expect a reward from society.  Be happy with doing something good for the environment and paying less in fuel costs.  No cookies or gold stars should be needed.


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