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by on January 20, 2011


Sneakers have never gotten me in trouble before.  As a matter of fact, sneakers have mostly kept me out of trouble and in more ways than one.  That is a different story though, so…  Imagine this – a young 20 year old (me) working two seasonal jobs after failing out of college has his father (mine) breathing down his (my) neck about going back to school or going to work for him as a carpenter in the great state of Massachusetts.  With the possibility of either job forcing him (me) to drink, he (I) went to spend money he didn’t have on a pair of sneakers.  It was a Wednesday, and after parking my father’s Ford Escort on the street, I started walking towards the store where all my shoe dreams came true.  I never made it there though because a very attractive young lady caught my eye walking the opposite direction.  I decided that the sneakers could wait and decided I wanted to meet this girl.  Before I could catch up to her, she ducked into an office building.  As I made it to the same building, I saw her sitting inside talking to someone at a desk.  I used the jobs posted on the window of the office building as a cover, I snuck a peek at her from time to time waiting for her to come back out so I could say hi.  Eventually, the gentleman she was talking to saw me and came outside to invite me in to talk to her.  He specifically said that if I came in to talk to him, he would ‘hook’ me up.  Looking back at that fateful day, and with the buildup I have created, one could be led to believe that the woman is now my wife, or that a romantic encounter ensued.  Neither is the case.  As a matter of fact, I never saw that girl again, and I can’t remember her name to this day.  What did happen though is three days after I went to buy sneakers, I signed up for four years in the Air Force.  I hadn’t even considered joining the military up to this point, but since I hadn’t been too spontaneous in the 19 years prior, this was my first and biggest surprise moment.  It was more than a good choice, and the rest of my rambling will be the next six years of my Air Force life.  If you aren’t sure what to expect, think… ‘I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell’ with a military twist.  More to follow…

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