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In your face?

by on January 20, 2011

I’ve just returned from seeing my first 3D big picture movie, The Green Hornet.  I’m not impressed.

I love movies and I love the latest in tech.  Having said that I’m not really that excited over 3D movies or for that matter 3D tv.  A number of factors go into this.

First, the glasses.  I realize that doing glasses-less 3D is near impossible right now, but i still don’t want to wear them.  For someone who doesn’t normally wear glasses it can be distracting.  The glasses also give me a sense of tunnel vision that seems like its keeping me from seeing everything.  I want to feel like I’m in the movie not just spectating parts of it.

Next, the 3D forces you to focus on whats “nearest” you in the foreground and you miss whats happening on the rest of the screen.  Filmmakers spend a lot of time in the details to make the full experience enjoyable.  I don’t want Kato’s throwing stars coming out of the screen to cause me to miss the other action in the frame.

3D also gives you artificial expectations.  When you watch a 3D movie and don’t constantly have things popping out at you, the tendency is to declare it a bad movie when you walk away.  Take a movie like Clerks for example.  Arguably one of my favorite movies of all time.  If I had watched for the first time in 3D, I would have declared it crap because nothing flew out of the screen at me.  3D cannot be forced on content that should not be nor was ever be intended to be in 3D.

Last, when things look too real, they start to look fake.  This is also my beef with Blu-Ray on an HDTV.  The reason we enjoy the fantasy of movies and tv is because its fantasy.  We can watch incredible violence in a movie without batting an eyelash. If we watch news footage of someone getting hit by a car in in real life and we know its real, we wince and look away.

The displays at the electronics store with Avatar in super HD Blu-Ray look fake.  Yet for some reason the standard def version looks pretty believable.

Electronics companies and media studios are ramming 3D down our throats.  It was one of the biggest stories of the last two Consumer Electronics Shows in Las Vegas, the gadget show that rules them all.  But, i really don’t know many people that are going as gaga over it as the media is.  People aren’t buying the TVs in droves nor is there really much content to inspire them to.

3D is in its infancy.  It works with some movies, like A Christmas Carol, but overall most content outside of the animated realm is not really suited for 3D.  Hopefully the technology and it’s content will evolve and prove me wrong.

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